Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Inferno

You may have alot of question, so here is a list of frequently asked questions:

Inferno provides the address to the club only to approved members who have purchased both the membership and at least one event.
Because Inferno is a private membership club, only members are allowed inside the building. Once you are a member and attending your first event we will be happy to give you a tour of the club and answer any questions. There will be a video tour coming soon that we invite you to watch.
You can expect to see all types of demographics from every race, careers, professional and blue collar, Males, Females, Couples as well as Straight, Bi Sexual, Gay and Lesbian. And all age demographics. Inferno welcomes everyone.
Inferno is a 21 and over event and caters to all age groups and each event will host different age demographics. Our promotions are geared to the 35 to 45 target age group and you can expect to see a wide array of age groups. We say that there will be someone for everyone at Inferno.
Most people will come dressed to impress, meaning if you were to go to a very upscale restaurant, company party or an event that people will dress above and beyond their normal attire. Men will typically come in dress slacks or designer jeans, a nice shirt either button down, polo or upscale shirt, closed toed dress shoes and many will complete their dress with a sport coat or a nice vest. Women typically will wear cocktail dresses, club dresses, high heels and many will bring extra clothes to change into during the night such as lingerie. Lockers are provided at Inferno so bring several outfit changes to make your night more fun!
Inferno works with local catering companies and provide a nice complimentary meal during the first several hours of the event, throughout the remainder of the event, you can expect to enjoy Sandwiches, deserts, chips and other treats.
Inferno is a BYOB club and does not sell or provide alcohol. Any alcohol left on premise will be tossed at the end of the night. To avoid open containers, we suggest only bringing what you plan to drink so you can leave without an open container.
Inferno does not have the capability of offering showers at this time.
We suggest coming with confidence and leave your shyness at the door, everyone who is attending is here for mostly the same reasons, we say mostly because everyone has their way they want to interact in their lifestyle. Walk around and talk to people is the easiest, look for couples or singles sitting alone is a great time to approach. If you have dance skills, the dance floor is the prime place to get close and makes introductions much easier. Inferno provides the location, the ambiance, the music, and the people. All you need to do is come in with an open mind, outgoing personality and have fun. Meeting people comes easier over time.
You should bring a valid Photo ID. Also a good positive attitude would be key, being well groomed, dressed to impress or in theme makes you more attractive to others. Outfit changes to keep your party fun.
This happens, the lifestyle is a small world and you may run into a neighbor, co-worker, family member or someone from your past and present in any background. Our suggestion would be to face this on directly, approach the person and say HI, casually remind them that discretion is the ultimate respect in the lifestyle. We have seen many people see each other in the club scene and when both parties talk and their anxieties calm down they actually typically have more fun at the club because they know someone from the 'Outside' world who they can relate to. You do not have to play with someone you know and that should be mentioned up front if you want to keep your friendship only as friends so no awkwardness.
Come with an open mind that you will have a no pressure good time on your terms. Be willing to meet people and prepare to make lifelong friendships.
On certain events that we do allow single men, we encourage our single male members to be courteous and respectful but we also encourage them to engage Couples and Singles. Just because a single male introduces themselves doesn't require anything on your part, it's just an introduction. If you do not want the company of a single male, respectfully let them know that you are looking for Couples or Single Females or just a simply thank you but we are not interested and they should leave you alone without question. If you have politely declined their introduction and they do not leave you to your party, please see an Inferno staff and we will be happy to assist.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your first event better or if you have any questions, Contact Us.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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