Single Men Expectations

Inferno allows single men on specific party nights, single men will be allowed based on the amount of couples to keep a ratio that allows all members to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed as well as keeping a balance of men and women in the club at any time.

New Single men must meet with Inferno Management for orientation of expectations; Orientation will be Friday from 7:30pm to 8pm. Please arrive early, late arrivals will be set for a future date and will not be allowed into the event.

Single men should apply for membership and will be required to attend an orientation so that all rules, etiquette and expectations can be addressed to avoid future issues that typically arise when people are not made fully aware of the criteria maintained by Inferno.

Single men will be expected to dress in a way that benefits the club and members in upscale attire. As an example, Dress Slacks or designer jeans closed toed dress shoes, Button down or upscale club style shirt, Sport coats and vest optional but recommended as well as confidence without arrogance.

Single men will be expected to be respectful of all members and conduct themselves in a manner that makes their presence welcoming and not a hindrance. Couples and Single female only need to say No Thank you, or any indication that they are not interested that you leave them alone without question.

Inferno is a private membership club for the consensual non monogamy lifestyle. The Couples and Single ladies that attend Inferno on their own and for their own reasons and are not expected to interact with anyone. Proposition or offers to pay for sex is not allowed. Any interaction must be consensual between all parties involved. Being respectful is your key to the lifestyle.

There are many couples and single females that wish to include single men into their non monogamy lifestyle, and there are those that prefer no interaction with single men, when approaching couples and single females, understand if the couple or single female is not interested in unwanted company. Remember, those couples and single ladies who do not wish interaction with a single male today may very well be looking for that added spice in the future, so always keep everything pleasant.

Consent is required and consent is not silent, you must have a verbal consent from the couples and single females.

No means No without explanation, please do not pressure for a reason or ask multiple times, once someone says No Thank you should end all discussions.

Touching without permission may result in termination of membership and removal from club.

Any action that requires an apology may result in termination or temporary ban per management.

When approaching Couples, we suggest approaching both partners when they are together and talk to both equally. We know that most men will be only interested in playing with the female, however you must gain the trust and respect of her partner to not make anyone feel awkward or uneasy. Suggestion, don't wait for one partner to go to the bar or bathroom to approach the other partner, this will come across aggressive and or disrespectful by both partners.

We suggest to our single men that they keep their drinking to a minimum as we all know that alcohol is a major cause for lack of erections.

Aggressive or confrontational behavior will not be tolerated, please come to Inferno with the mindset of having a good time with no expectations other than having a good time.

On Friday nights, Single men are only allowed in the rooms while accompanied by a Couple or Single Lady. If you are invited into the room and your partner or partners leave, you must leave. Any single men found to be in the room unattended will result in termination of membership and removal from the club. We have this in place to maintain a comfortable environment for all of our members.

While inside the club and in the rooms, we expect Single men to maintain a level of respectfulness to our other members by not touching without asking, obtaining verbal consent, not making anyone feel uncomfortable by leering or staring at them. We want to maintain a comfortable and desirable place for everyone to come and partake at their level and speed.

We don't like saying this but we do not allow men to linger or congregate in front of the bathrooms, please allow the ladies the respect and privacy.

Because we only allow a select number of confirmed and verified and approved respectful single men, know that it is a privilege to attend parties by Inferno. Please respect Inferno's rules, the club and our members. We want you to be invited back and we want everyone to have a great time.

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Event Guidelines

At Inferno we want everyone to have a great time and to insure this we do have some club rules we expect everyone to follow.

1. Consent - We expect our members to obtain verbal consent and remember that silence is not an indication of consent.

2. "NO means NO". We invite our members to interact with other members, however we follow the industry standard rule of No means No without explanation. Once you receive a No or No thank you, you are expected to be polite and peruse other people. When telling a couple or Single No Thank you, please be respectful and polite, nobody likes rejection and know it takes a lot of confidence to approach people.

3. At Inferno while we are a BYOB club, we do not allow nor encourage over indulging in alcohol while attending our parties. Alcohol tends to bring out aggressive behavior and Inferno will not tolerate negative aggression to our members, staff or management. Let's remember that we are here to have a good time.

4. Inferno does not allow firearms or weapons inside the club.

5. Inferno advocates body confidence, we expect our members to be polite and courteous to our other members. Remember, all shapes and sizes will be at Inferno.

6. Inferno does not allow the use of Cell phones, Cameras or any recording devices inside the club or playrooms. We will provide a red carpet and background for our members who are looking for memories. Using the photo background, inferno claims no responsibility for those photos.

7. Sexuality – Inferno advocates an open mind to others choices when it comes to their desires when it comes to bi sexuality, kinks and fetishes. We expect all members to treat each other with the respect that they would expect from others.

8. Single men should see our Single Men Expectations for further information on expectations.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us .

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